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Why Denscell:

Denscell is an organization conceived by Dentists and Scientists working on stem cells This is not just a simple dental stem cell bank, rather Denscell has been involved in research for future clinical applications Denscell has worldwide academic, research and clinical collaborations which makes us unique

1. Dentists from all over India can register themselves as members of the Denscell network (Click here for registration)

2. The Registered Denscell Member(RDM)* will be sent a login name and password to the email ID and a set of documents to fill up and send to Denscell.

3. The RDM can login and get to know about the procedure of collection from the exclsuive website for registered members

4. When the RDM gets a client who wants to get the Dental Stemc Cells (DSC) stored, the RDM will contact Denscell who will provide the RDM with the collection kit with documents to be filled up by the client.

5. The Deciduous tooth will be collected in the clinic/hospital of the RDM, documents signed by RDM and the clinet along with the teeth in the provided container and the processing charges (link to charges page) as a Demand draft will be sent to Denscell. (Click here to know more about logistics) > should go to RDM exclusive page

6. Denscell upon receipt will acknowledge the receipt and process the cells. A detailed count of the cells and their status will be sent to the RDM from whom, the client can collect their copy of the data.

7. Every year a reminder will be sent at least 30 days prior to the date of completion of the one-year term of storage contract, to the client email ID with a CC to the RDM through whom the process has been started and a letter by post to the address given by the client to remind them about the annual maintanence fee, which should be paid within the stipulated time for continuing the process of storage.

8. If the client wants the stored DSC to be restored for application, they can intimate Denscell directly or through their RDM. Once the documentation formalities are over, Denscell will deliver it within India in cryo-shipper container.

9. If some one wants to store their DSC or that of their kin, you may send an email from the public enquiry page.

* This process is routed through RDM to ensure the propser collection of the appropriate teeth at the appropriate time and sterile manner. The DSC of the client is belongs to them and the RDM doesnt have any say how the client want to use them. However when the DSC are claimed for an application a letter has to come from a registered medical practitioner or a RDM for us to hand it over to the RDM or the medical practitioner for a suitable application.
Denscell is an organization run by clinicians and dentists ans therefore we just dont stop with providing storage services, rather we would do adequate research in taking the stored stem cells to a clinical application. However if the client wants the DSC stored with Denscell to be taken for a clinical application with any physician we dont restrict that. But Denscell when starts a clinical application may not accept the DSCs stored elsewhere as we are not sure of the protocols followed to suit the kind of clinical application we may like to use those DSCs.